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    • Manufacturing Activities;  
      • 100 % exemption from corporate and income taxes until the end of the fiscal year when Turkey becomes an EU member.
      • If they will be able to export min. 85% of the products, labour salaries are also exempted from income taxes.

    (Only they have to make payments to Special Account from the invoice value of the goods in direction ;

            • From abroad to the zone ; 0,1 % (CIF Value)
            • From the zone to Turkey ; 0,9% (FOB value
    • Trading and other Activities; Regular corporate and income taxes applicable, (The rate is 20 %)
    • Profits and incomes from the free zone can be transferred freely to any country including Turkey.
    • Accured divident to their shareholders can be managed after the stoppage amount determined by the Ministery of Finance is deducted.
    • Modern infrastructures, communication and transportation are available in the free zone.
    • The zone is established adjacent to Mersin International Port which is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and has its own piers within the port.
    • Companies operating in the zone may be 100% Foreign Companies, Joint Venture or 100% Turkish Companies.
    • After obtaining permission from the General Directorate of Free Zones, Overseas Investment and Services investor users may transfer their rights to another user.
    • The zone has significant importance as a geographical location with proximity to major International  markets such as Middle-East, North African Countries, East and West Europe, Russia and the Turkic Republics makes it a center for foreign invetors.
    • Open areas with already built infrastructures can be rented at low prices.
    • All personnel requirements for companies in production, service and the management fields can be sourced in the City of Mersin,
    • Operatin Licence periods:  

                    -Investor Companies : 45 years for manufacturers, 30 years for others,

                    -Tenant companies: 20 years for manufacturers, 15 years for others.

    • It is very easy to reach all airports and seaports, İnternational transportation routes and communication networks as well as social and cultural life from the zone.


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